Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Paranormal Searchers Update: The Stuart House Recordings

Although, The Stuart House Recordings is a documentary film, due to distributor considerations, it is being released under the horror genre.

It is being produced by Iron Dragon Films.  Directed by, Lancelot Jean Mallia and Kevin Bingham; lead editor William Sloan. The narrative is presented as a documentary pieced together from partially completed footage, and filmed in real time. The film documents our team of ghost hunters who in 2014 were investigating a haunting, Stuart House, located in New Orleans, Lousiana.

The viewer is told that this first film is part of a set of three recordings. We therefore believe that there are sequels planned to be released by Iron Dragon Films.  We have not yet seen that footage.

Responding to a request by the current owners of Stuart House; the ghost hunting team, Paranormal Searchers in 2014, begin with investigation of the house while they are being filmed by the documentary company Iron Dragon LTD. an Investigation of The Stuart House Haunting , the focus of their study, is also known for the 1975 investigation by Dr Francis Morgan of Amityvile Horror fame.

On the basis of the teams findings, and a preliminary investigation, the team decided its was a viable haunting and worth further study. At this point not much is available.  The police have not released much to us. What is is known the group planned a weekend-long investigation of the house while the owners are out of town.

We do know that the investigators suspected that there was more at work within the house than a simple haunting. Several recordings of the cell phone calls have been kept, that were made to members not at the actual investigation.

Currently, the remaining Paranormal Searchers group are fully cooperating with the authorities about the less savory aspects of the ill-fated investigation we are in the process of reorganizing the group and are intent on continuing our work.

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