The Stuart House Recordings: The Documentary

Stuart House is considered by some scholars, to be the most active (and likely most dangerous) haunting in the northern hemisphere.  It is by the same token, the most unknown. 

Dr Francis Morgan, one of the famous debunkers of the paranormal community and noted author discovered Stuart House.  He's quoted as saying "it's like the house actively avoids notice, as if it sits underneath some great, black shroud, escaping any real attention."
Dr Morgan also thought the house was under a demonic influence.
There have been two known investigations of Stuart House.  Both have been problematic; with several deaths occurring, or as in the case of the 2016 investigation, possible loss of the entire team, who have since been listed as missing.

The first expedition was led by the aforementioned Dr. Francis Morgan.  In the summer of 1975 Dr. Morgan leased the property and began to conduct seances.  The result was multiple deaths and Morgan vacating the property. 

Morgan had his journals sealed and never discussed the investigation. Stuart House though, would haunt him for the rest of his life. Just after his nervous breakdown in 1994 he made a short movie about Stuart House.  After his death in 1995, Axomic Foundation managed to obtain his journals.
In 2016, the second investigation by the ghost hunter team, Paranormal Searchers took place.  The investigation was ill-fated.  Until recently, the surviving footage shot by the team had been held by Louisana Authorities.

Fall of 2020, the documentary of the 2016 investigation will be released.  The film contains real-time footage of the investigation as it occurred. 

Iron Dragon Films has limited its comments to the release date and that they were obligated to release the movie due to contract. Several unnamed sources in the company have stated otherwise, saying they felt the movie should have been destroyed for "safety" concerns,  refusing to explain further.

Further, a series of bizarre accidents and deaths have plagued the production company slowing down final editing of the first of a planned series of films using the recovered footage.  A spokesman for the company has said "We are committed to releasing the film series and discharging our obligations to Paranormal Searchers".

Update: (05/20/14) Further, the company attorney Richard Reynolds was involved in a near fatal car accident and director Lancelot Mallia suffered a life threatening illness himself. As a result, the release of The Stuart House Recordings, originally slated release in 2014 has been moved to 2015.

Update: 08/03/2014 Dave Young, noted Paranormal Investigator, has agreed to become the new operations director of Paranormal Searchers.

More details will be forthcoming.

Mr Young has stated that a new investigation will be organized to investigate Stuart House in the near future. Currently we are building a protective steel observation tower to be placed on the estate and are upgrading the network of deer and web cams we have in place there.

After the ill-fated 2016 investigation, the house was given into custodian-ship of the Paranormal Searchers Organization.

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