Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Man Accused of Faking Message from Ghost to Win Back Ex-Fiancee

Via coasttocoastam.com by Tim Binnall

A man in England is accused of concocting a rather dastardly scheme to win back his former fiancée by hoaxing a ghostly message from her dead mother. Authorities in county of Cornwall say that Roy Meadwell not only violated a restraining order taken out by his ex-girlfriend Kay Winbury after the couple had broken up, but did so in a truly bizarre fashion. According to prosecutors, the heartbroken man sent a series of anonymous messages to his once-significant other suggesting that they rekindle their relationship.

One of those missives attributed to Meadwell is particularly unnerving as it was reportedly made to look like it came from a nearby Tarot shop. Contained in the message was a purported communication from Winbury's late mother, ostensibly imparted to a psychic, which implored her to give her former beau, who was poetically described as "the man who sacrificed everything for you, the man who loves you, the man who wanted you to be his wife" another chance. "All you have to do is to call him," declared the supposed spirit in the undoubtedly creepy letter which the Tarot shop denied sending.

For his part, Meadwell insists that he was not behind the unsettling letters and contends that they probably came from an acquaintance of the couple who wished to see them get back together. Considering that he's currently on trial and could face a stiff punishment for sending the missives, one wonders what kind of 'friend' would put him in such a precarious position all in the name of love. Another question worth pondering is, if the paranormal plot proved successful, how Meadwell could have possibly kept from revealing the ruse at some point in the future, since he'd likely want to take credit for pulling it off.


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