Thursday, July 6, 2017

Off Duty Cop Dressed As Batman Stops Shoplifter Stealing Batman Movie


Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole decided to donate his time off the clock at a local Walmart dressed as Batman for a children’s safety fair when he caught a man attempting to shoplift.

Cole identified himself as an off-duty police officer in the parking lot, where the man attempted to deny any wrongdoing.

“I showed up dressed as Batman and the alarm went off. A door greeter tried to stop a gentleman but he exited without talking,” said Cole, via

The thief eventually admitted that he had attempted to steal four movies, including Lego Batman.

“I told him, man, you can’t steal my movie,” Cole said.

Dressing as a superhero and attending events for kids isn’t a one-time thing for Cole, far from it. He has a foundation, Heroes And Cops Against Childhood Cancer, where he personally has visited children’s hospitals in 17 states, and aims to get to hospitals in all 50. He also wants to show kids that cops are people too, just like everyone else.

“I have a Batman cape in my back window. I have an Iron Man mask and a Spider-Man mask in my back windows,” Cole said. “Kids love superheroes. I tell kids that with great power come great responsibility.”

As for stopping crime while portraying a superhero? Cole admitted it that arresting someone in costume was “definitely a first.”


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